14 Aug 1932 1
Decatur, Macon County, Illinois 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Frank Scott Craycroft 2
Frank S Craycroft 3
Age in 1930: 61 3
Estimated Birth Year: 1869 3
14 Aug 1932 1
Decatur, Macon County, Illinois 1
Cause: Suicide after learning he had cancer 1
Place: MACON County, Illinois 3
From: 1930 3
Enumeration District: SOUTH WHEATLAND TWP. 3
Jennie Elizabeth Cairnes 4
about 1892 4
Macon County, Illinois 4
farmer 2

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Frank Craycroft Stabbed

Macon, Illinois


Sam Bell Stabbed Frank Craycroft In The Lung

Frank Craycroft, a prominent young farmer, is laid up at his home near Macon suffering from a wound in the left lung inflicted Saturday evening by Sam Bell in a fit of rage. Craycroft's injuries are extremely serious but the result cannot yet be told. The particulars of the affair are as follows.

Craycroft and Bell live near the Grand Prairie district school near Macon of which it is understood that the men are directors. Some improvements were being made about the building Saturday and Craycroft and Bell were there. They disagreed about a trifling matter and Bell flew into a rage. Several blows were struck and Craycroft who is a powerful man over six feet tall, was getting the best of it when Bell drew a wicked looking pocket knife and plunged it in the side of his adversary. Craycroft was badly hurt but stopping the flow of blood as best he could he got into his buggy and drove to Macon where Dr. Boggs dressed the wound temporarily. Dr. Boggs made an examination and found that the knife blade had penetrated to the cavity of the body inflicting a serious wound in the left lung. He sent the patient home and at once telephoned to this city for Drs. Chenoweth and Jones who received the message at 12 o'clock Saturday. They went at once to the Craycroft home about two miles from Macon where they found the injured man weak from loss of blood. The doctors stopped the internal bleeding and when they left the patient was doing very well and with fair chances of recovery. Craycroft displayed considerable nerve in allowing the doctors to probe in the wound without showing the slightest sign of pain. He was getting along well at last reports.


A warrant was sworn out for Samuel Bell charging him with assault with a deadly weapon and placed in the hands of Sheriff Nicholson, who arrested Bell Sunday and placed him in the county jail. Bell afterwards was released on a $300 bond to await a hearing.

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