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Full Name:
Donald Victor Brenneman 1
Ottawa, Ohio 1
18 Jul 1924 1
28 Mar 1999 1
Burial Date: 01 Apr 1999 1
Burial Place: Fairview Cemetery, Dupont 1
Place: Continental, Ohio 1
Mother: Florence (Fletcher) Brenneman 1
Father: Harry Brenneman 1
18 Mar 1947 1
Claribel (Lehman) Brenneman 1

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  1. Contributed by SherieSummers


Funny, I'm looking at photos of him right now, his coon hunting flashlight, arrowheads, fishing poles and the big stuffed coon.......

I remember how good he was with the grandkids..they really loved him & still do.

He was pretty cool. We used to come down and go arrow head hunting when the fields were turned and then at night my dad Harry, Don, and there friend Lee would play music till the weeee hours of the morning. Then I got a little older and Don would go to my dads house and we would play music till the weeeee hours of the morning also Leroy would join in. Then during the day Dad ,Don and Leroy would go money hunting with there metal detectors. I sure miss them and all the good times we had.

When I think of uncle Don I always see him in his blue work shirt sittin at the kitchen table telling stories. He sure could tell some goodies & I always loved to listen. Now if you want to hear some more goodies...just ask my dad (Leroy) he has some stories to tell about Don, Clyde, Junior & himself that you wouldn't believe but (my dad has a hard time telling these stories without having to stop because hes laughing so hard) ask him about the time him & Don went money hunting at a park & Don had the restroom. A trash barrel is involved in this story LMAO! I love & miss my uncle Don.

I'm guessing these pics of Gramps were just before he took the boat over to Europe for WW2. Looks like pics right after boot camp/school. He always told me about that they were rocking & rolling over the Atlantic because of the big waves. I have lots of memories, but am proudest that he served our country.

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