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Burial Place: Itta Bena, Miss 1
Place: Minter City, Miss 1
From: 1948 1
To: 1989 1

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  1. Contributed by steve_cole


Death of Lillibeth

Minter City MS

  I had just finished our family visit for the Christmas Holidays and was packing to return to Fort Worth, TX.  My goal was to drive back on New Year's Eve so I could watch football all the next day.

   It was early in the morning.  A dense fog covered the flat, Delta country of my parent's house.  I continued to pack the car even though there were doubts we could see the road.  Mother had finished breakfast for us and was sitting at the small kitchen table with my two girls, 9 and 4.  She was pretending to have a tea party, which she loved to do with her grandaughters. 

  Without warning, she fell over onto the floor on her right side.  We rushed in to see what was the commotion and began trying CPR, but to no avail.  We called for an ambulance but they had a 18 mile drive and they would not be able to even see the turn-off for the county road.  Dad was upset and crying.  He drove out to the highway to flag down the ambulance.  Mom always got a little too stressed and excited when visitors came.  She thought she had upset stomach so took some Tums.  Turned out that she had a massive heart attack.  There was no chance for survival being so far from a hospital. 

  The family discussed funeral arrangements.  The grandson's birthdate was 2 January and my sister didn't want the funeral on his birthday.  We didn't want to wait any longer so the funeral was scheduled for January 1st----the next day---or about 28 to 30 hours to prepare for it.

  Even with such little time to announce it, crowds filled the funeral home in Greenwood.  I have seldom been to a funeral of this size.  And so many gave up their New Year's Day events----hunting, football bowls, family time---to attend her funeral.

  Lillibeth loved to have tea parties with her girls.  That was the last thing she did on this earth.


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