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Also known as:
Mary M Stryker 1
Mary J McKinstry 2
Age in 1930: 16 2
Estimated Birth Year: 1914 2
Place: BUCKS County, Pennsylvania 2
From: 1930 2
Enumeration District: DOYLESTOWN BOROUGH, WARD L 2

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  1. Contributed by Princessbarbi
  2. Census - US Federal 1930 [See image]


Mary J McKinstry /Stryker (1930, she was 16)

Doylestown, PA

Mary J McKinstry married Jullius B B Stryker JR,  (Nickname = "JUDY"Originally of Lansdale  ....Then of Doylestown, PA.  They both attended the Doylestown High School.   The Very-Large Stone home they raised their family in was originally the McKinstry Parents home off of Ashland Street, (On the golf course, later given a lane called... ** Golf View Lane **).

 I am Barbi Ennis Connolly, we lived just about next-door and I find that most of my childhood memories have a "Stryker" in them.  My parents, Edward C and Alta H Ennis.   (Barb-Lin Floor Covering) 

Mary and Alta had sons about the same time, I remember the Mothers and their sons (Alta had her last child 2 years later, Alison)   William "Bill-Bill" was "Judy" and Mary's last child.


"JUDY" Julius B B Stryker, JR. and his wife Mary MCKinstry Stryker had 6 Children.....

                Judy ran his father (Julius B B Stryker, SR.) Company, the "Perkins Glue Co.

1) Julius B B Stryker, III (Nickname - Ju-Bee) ___

2) Gertrude Perkins Stryker (Perky) Born Doylestown, PA 1941, passed 1988, Paoli, PA

Gertrude Married Unknown Mackleer
Children: Living Daughter and Son: BOYD KIMBALL MACKLEER~1965~1970

3) Stephen Bayard Stryker ( July 1944) Professor/Language /Author /BOOK;By Stephen B. Stryker, Betty Lou Leaver       Foreign Language Education.
      Professor, Department of English
      Visiting Lecturer, Department of Spanish
      Director: TESOL Programs

4) Michael O (about 1946) Lives in Tucson, AZ

5) Frank P ( Jug ) born about 1948

Johanna C Stryker, E B Stryker, Matthew M Smit, Daniel Smit

6) William (Bill-Bill ) (about 1953 or 54)

Barbi Ennis Connolly,

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