The Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of the Bulge


The Battle of the Bulge was a German offensive and one of the last attempts for Hitler's Army to turn back the tide of World War II on the Western Front. In December 1944, the Germans hoped to drive through the Ardennes Forest of Belgium to the coast of the English Channel in order to take back the territory lost since the D-day invasion. The German Army initially plowed down the Allies, creating a bulge in the Allied defensive lines, and many European civilians feared another Nazi takeover. However, the Nazi's success was short-lived. Within a month, the Allied Army, largely made up of U.S. soldiers, pushed back the Germans and closed the bulge by the end of January 1945. Despite the bitter cold and lack of supplies, the Americans fought hard and stayed strong. This victory for the Allies crushed the German Army's hopes for ultimate success, but with any victory come the scars of battle and the legacies of fallen heroes.

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The Malmedy Massacre

  • Malmedy, Belgium

The Malmedy Massacre took place on December 17, 1944. After a short battle, 150 American soldiers surrendered to German troops. These soldiers were captured and subsequently shot without any apparent cause or trial. Ninety of the soldiers were killed. During the Dachau Trials in 1946, the German soldiers responsible for the massacre, and several others, were tried. Most officers were imprisoned for life, and only one was released. These documents summarize the events at Malmedy that resulted in the tragic deaths of 90 American soldiers.

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