Nazi Concentration Camp Records

Nazi Concentration Camp Records


Footnote Presents Our Holocaust Collections!

  • Germany

The Holocaust is one of the darkest moments in world history. Systematically the Nazi's gathered together, tortured and murdered about 6 million European Jews and a total of 11 to 17 million people altogether. These murders were not in battle. Many of them took place in Concentration Camps with infamous names such as Treblinka, and Auschwitz. The records document what transpired. As Germany was defeated and the Concentration Camps were liberated, the condition of the survivors was noted with revulsion and anger. How could people treat human life with such disregard?

The Nuremburg Trials brought more horror to light. The results of testimony were so repulsive and atrocious that those receiving it were shocked and sickened. As the facts surfaced, the world was covered in a shroud of despair, for the victims, their families, and the survivors. FOOTNOTE, along with the National Archives, and the Holocaust Memorial Museum, have brought many of these records to light. The have been digitized, indexed and placed on the internet for public research. Through the study of Concentration Camp Records, as well as other content concerning the Holocaust, it is our hope that nothing like this will ever happen again!

Real People's Lives - Tell the Story!

  • Poland

Footnote has created an interactive page for the VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS OF THE HOLOCAUST. There are pictures and facts associated with these people. The display includes Ann Frank and Oskar Schindler's stories. Each individual has a Footnote Page dedicated to them. Viewers may add to the pages of each person enriching the experience of future researchers, and possibly family members. Pay tribute to a few of the millions that died.

Nazi Concentration "Death" Camps of the Holocaust!

  • Ravensburg, Germany

Records from the CONCENTRATION CAMPS are now a part of Footnote. These camps are where the German hierarchy carried out their secret and systematic extermination of close to 6 million Jews, as well as another 5 to 12 million people from other nationalities. The architect of this mayhem and murder was Adolf Hitler. He was a man convinced that a master race would rule the world! He and his minions oversaw the operation of these death camps! There are pictures, stories and records compiled from the Concentration Camps. They include infamous names such as Treblinka, Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen.

Go through the records and witness the lies that the Germans portrayed to their own people and the world. Gas chambers, ovens, experimentation and sure death, were a part of each individual prisoner's life. The Nazi Concentration Camps were all over Germany, making sure that the Jews were devoid of any hope for their future. Never before and never again have such large numbers of individuals suffered so much, in so short a period of time!

Varied Collections of Holocaust Records!

  • Nuernberg, Germany

Once the war ended and Germany lost, the RECORDS WERE OPENED and the world slowly started to understand what had really transpired within the boundaries of this soiled country. Footnote has a number of important records which substantiate the premise that the Nazi's not only murdered millions of Jewish people, but plundered and stole all of their possessions. It would take years to uncover the atrocities that took place and find all of those involved. Even today discoveries are made concerning the mayhem which took the lives of so many victims.

The records of the Nazi Concentration Camps, German Documents and the Holocaust Era Assets Thefts are but a few of the records that paint a total picture of Nazi atrocities. As the war closed the Nuernberg Trials took place, and the records from these interrogations are also available here!

Take your time and study the Holocaust. Pass on what you learn, to future generations, so that we may "never forget what has happened"!