1900 1
26 May 1963 1
Yuma AZ 1

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Lelah M Connolly 2
Age in 1930: 29 2
1900 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1901 2
26 May 1963 1
Yuma AZ 1
Cause: Heart/Blood Problems 1
Place: SANGAMON County, Illinois 2
From: 1930 2
Enumeration District: SPRINGFIELD CITY 2

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  1. Contributed by Princessbarbi
  2. Census - US Federal 1930 [See image]


Lela M Connolly, wife of Cleatus J Connolly


In  **1930 Census**  Cleatus and Lela had 3 living children, Cleatus was 8, Thomas was 6 and John was 2 1/2 (the couple's 1st Child "Helen Marie" died on the same day she was born)  ~~~ Feb. 14, 1921, in Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois, USA

There then would be Albert (Killed when hit by a car, age about 7)  Charles and Paul.

Lela Mae Connolly (LELA ~ Lelah)

phoenix AZ

Lela and Cleatus (Retired Law-enforcement, Illinois) brought their family to AZ in the very early 1940's, youngest child, son Paul was sickly.... the recommendation was that the warmer climate would help (and did).

    During the WW II, it took Lela 3 bus rides daily, each way, out the the GoodYear Plant to make Airplane Parts.  "Rosie the Riviter"   Lelah was one of 'Millions" of dedicated women who worked towards the WAR-Effort.

  Cleatus and Lelah's home was a white wood clap-board house on 20th Street and Thomas... in the 1940's and 50's.  They had no insulation and an out-house out back.  Pictures show Johnny as maybe 12-13 when digging for the septic, then near that time, the home was insulated as well.   Lelah was living in Yuma when she  (cared for by Chuck and 'Pat') passed away with a blood illness.  She rests in the St. Joseph's Garden in the Desert Lawn Memorial Park -  Cemetery in Yuma, AZ.  

 Barbi Ennis Connolly  Lela's last sonPaul, 16 June, 1941 died 7 June, 2015 (In Mesa AZ).  He had been ill quite some time and did not make it througha very big Surgery, and Rehab.  A sad and long 34 days in the Valley of the Sun.  Paul and Barbi live in Prescott, AZ mostly since the 1970's.... at time having a home in the Colo. Rockies, then above Delores/near Durango overlooking Colo.'s 2nd largest lake, Lake McPhee.  Both cold-water and warm water, caught all kinds of Trout and inland Kokanee Salmon and then Croppie and Bass in the shallow places  :)

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