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The Largest Collection of American Civil War Records on the Internet!

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4 images has the largest collection of original Civil War records on the internet. Through partnerships with NARA and others, we have either digitized collections that have never been available before online, or we have innovatively made old collections available in a way that you have never seen before. A great example of that is our "interactive" 1860 Census. Whether you are a genealogist, teacher, researcher, or historian, you will find treasures within these documents which will excite and invigorate you. You will be able to connect, spotlight, share, view, and print your discoveries using primary source records. The United States Civil War is for all Americans to study. To understand the present, we need to research the past. Slavery, Confederacy, Union, and Assassination are all terms that come to bear. If you want to understand the Southern and Northern States, as well as the Civil Rights Movement then you need to understand what happened in America during this period of war. I will do my best on this page to guide you through the collections that are available! The opportunity to JOIN FOOTNOTE has never been better than it is right now!

  • Lindon, Utah
  • 2009

Footnote's Interactive 1860 Census!

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Most of us have at one time or another searched out a name on a Census Record. It is like every other piece of information researchers meticulously. Imagine if you had a repository set up where future generations could go in search of one piece of information, and come away with a notebook full. With Footnote's 1860 Census you can not only view the original Census but you can upload stories, pictures, documents, family history spread sheets, and tributes to each name that you find.

As a member of the Footnote community you can pull relevant documents from our site and make them a permanent part of your personal records. You can then connect your page to others in different locations on the internet. All of these records will then become a permanent part of the 1860 CENSUS ON FOOTNOTE.COM. The people, who lived during the time of the Civil War, whether they were Union or Confederate, will come alive through the 1860 Census with records that you include. From the North or South, all of the states from that time period are represented! Scroll over the name ABRAHAM LINCOLN and click on more info, to see what has been added to our 1860 Census!

  • Lindon Ut.
  • 14 May 2008

The American Civil War and the Abolition of Slavery

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The issue of Slavery was at the heart of the Civil War. America fought the war for four long years through suffering and death, to resolve issues which had festered and grown from the very birth of the United States of America. These original documents tell the true story of what happened. Footnote has gathered a collection of primary records which are unsurpassed in clarity and rich with information. Listed below are the collections relating to slavery that now exist on our site. We will continue to add more Civil War records in the future. Here are links which will explain what the these collections contain.

Court Slave Records for DC

Ratified Amendments to the US Constitution

Registro Central de Esclavos

Sec of the Interior - Suppression of Slave Trade and Colonization

Board of Commissioners - Emancipation of Slaves in DC

  • The United States
  • 1865

Confederate and Union Files (Including"Widows" Pensions!)

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We have listened to our customers, and through our partnership with the National Archives, we have digitized a large number of Confederate and Union Civil War Files. Many of these records have not been available on the internet until now. Not only have we digitized the Confederate Amnesty Papers, Confederate Citizens File, Confederate Soldier Service Records, Union Soldier Service Records, and the Southern Claims, but we also have the Civil War and Later Veterans Pension Index.

Footnote is committed to, and has begun to digitize all of the "complete" CIVIL WAR "WIDOWS"PENSION FILES !!!! .

The following are links which will explain what the records are in each of our current Confederate and Union Soldier collections.

Civil War and Later Veterans Pension Index

Confederate Amnesty Papers

Confederate Citizens File

Confederate Soldier Service Records

Union Soldier Service Records

Southern Claims


  • The United States

The Lincoln Assassination Records!

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One of the darkest events in American History is the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Footnote has digitized all of the LINCOLN ASSASSINATION RECORDS. They are now for the first time indexed and ready for research in the comfort of your home! This is an exciting collection concerning the trial and execution of all of those found responsible for this despicable act.

  • Washington, DC

Civil War Newspapers

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Footnote has partnered with NARA, Allen County, and most recently with Gannet to bring you original newspapers from the days of the Civil War. We have papers that broadcast the event from one side of the United States to the other. We also gain the perception of the English during the Civil War, from the London Times. Read what the people read during the Civil War, and feel what they felt. Read about the battles, just days after they happened.

With or current partnerships we will continue to digitize and index our nation’s newspapers, thus giving them the credit and weight they deserve as invaluable instruments to understanding our past.

News - London Times

News - The Chicago Tribune

News - Poughkeepsie Journal

News - San Francisco Chronicle

  • Chicago, IL

Footnote Collections Containing American Civil War Records

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Finally, Footnote has a number of collections that span many years, and within their records are many from the Civil War years. From the Confederacy to the Union and from North to South, the Civil War ended slavery and solidified that need to define boundaries for states sovereignty. Never before or since has a war between the states been fought. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln along with the defeat of the South ushered in a stronger union, preparing America for the gauntlet of wars and troubles yet to come.

The following is a list of the final records that Footnote currently carries, which are linked to pages which will expound these collections so they become more meaningful to you!!

American Milestone Documents
Brady Civil War Photos
Civil War IRS Records - PA
Domestic Letters of the Department of State
Navy Survivors' Certificates
Navy Widows' Certificates
Passport Applications, 1795-1905
Pennsylvania Archives
Admiralty Records, Key West
American Colonization Society


  • Georgia, US

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