08 Jul 1944 1
04 Oct 2004 1

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Miguel Rivera 1
08 Jul 1944 1
04 Oct 2004 1

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My dear brother how I miss you. I miss all those days that we were together and I used to get you out of your wild things u used to do. Love you and wow I wish you were here with me. Who knows and maybe soon I will be with you, dad n mom. Not feeling so well and don't know what going to happen. Also be with me and look over. Amen. Love u always.

Wow another year has gone by and I still miss you. It hurts to be without you. Mickey I miss you very much. These past weeks wow how I wish you were with me. Keep looking over us and keep us safe. Danny and Iris are fine. They were with me when I got sick, so it was as if you were with me. I thank them both for being there for me. Mickey I love you bro. and miss you so so much. We miss you beautiful smile and that smile is always in my mind. Again I love you. Your sis xoxoxoxox

Another year has gone by. I still have you in my mind always my dear brother. I miss you so much. I love you very much and know you are smiling just like your picture. In heaven, together with mom n dad, I want you to R.I.P. :-( wish you were still with us, but God needed you with him.

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