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Full Name:
Miriam Contreras 1
01 Sep 1939 1
30 Nov 2008 1
Place: Queens, NY 1

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  1. Contributed by AzaliaContreras286


She's all about family, and I remember that everyday! I miss you and think about you all the time. (A beautiful strong woman)

i love you sososososo much abuela. love tiara

i love you sosososososososso much abuela. love tiara and mommy misses you abuela. love tiara

Today the one year anniversary of my Dear Miriam.

To the family

Let's remember her for all the good she spread all around. For the strong women she was. She was always happy to help who needed it. Her death taught me that we are not anyone to stop, complain or criticize for doing so. We should not offend or complain to anyone she helped, because that who she was and loved sharing what she had. We should all learn from her.

To Miguel and Christina: Thank you for always being wth her in the good and the bad. Thank you for loving her and always helping her as you both did. For loving her as all the grandkids did.

To Quisquella, Susy and Ingrid. Always remember the good times you had with her and everything she was to all. Remember she was the clue to keep the family united. Lets continue her journey for she is watching us from heaven. Don't brake what she so hard gave to all of us unity. Girls I love you and miss you like I miss Miriam also. Lets stay united.

To her friends: I thank you for loving my sister Miriam the way you all did.

Finally: Miriam I miss you and remember you everyday. You were the greatest, a strong women, a loving mother, grandmother,sister and friend. Keep looking over us for we all need you. From heaven still spread that unity and love for each other.

My tia was a reincarnation of my grandmother. A great women, mother, sister, tia, grandmother, greatgrandmother, grandaunt (tiaabuela) and friend. Always wanted 2 keep the peace and there 4 any1 who needed help. She is a role model 4 single moms because she did a wonderful job raising her 3 girls in N.Y.C. Although her passing will always give me pain it also brings me peace. Because the day she passed is the day I began a new chapter in my life w/Adrian. It was as if she knew some how I have found a good man for me n my kids. I remember the last time she came 2 visit FL she had told asked me "When are you going to find some1 worth your time?" I wish she could have been able 2 meet him I know she is watching from up above. Tia I love u n Miss u. Thank u for being there for me n loving my kids as if they were ur grandkids. LOTS of XOXOXOXOXOs

Here we are another year on your birthday. Happy Birthday sis. We miss you and you are always on our minds. Keep looking over your girls and their family. Remember that we love you very much and know you are always looking down on us. Until next time Love your sis Azalia

Another year that she was taken from us and in the hands of God. Miriam wow do we miss you. You are remember always. From the heavens keep looking over us. I know you are always looking down and making sure that we are ok. You were special and we all learned alot from you. Well, until next time sis. You are always in my heart and mind. Love you. Bye

Mommy, I miss you more than I can say. I love you!

Hi sis Here again to say Happy Birthday to you. Many things has happened, but I know n I am sure you know and see everything from heaven. Kiss n Paulie are back together and Kiss is so happy and in love again. We are happy for both of them as you are also. We miss you so much and wished you were still with us to see how the family is growing and happy. Love you sis and always have you in my heart and mind. I promise I will, as long as, I am on earth look after the girls and your family. Until next time may you rest in peace. Until we meet again in heaven.

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