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The Chickasaw Indians


The Chickasaw Indian Nation was made up of great warriors in historic times. Known as the “Spartans of the lower Mississippi Valley,” they never lost a war on their homelands. Despite their reputation as skilled warriors, the Chickasaws were a peaceful people throughout American history. The Chickasaws sided with the British during the French and Indian war, and by doing so are credited by some historians as making America an English-speaking nation. Prior to their resettlement to Indian Territory in 1837, the Chickasaws had extensive trade networks, an intricate system of government, and even bred their own breed of horses. Today, the Chickasaw Nation is headquartered in Oklahoma where the tribe continues to practice its ancient traditions and culture. The endurance of the Chickasaw people and culture proves that they truly are an “unconquered and unconquerable” people.


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Famous Chickasaws:
Douglas Johnston: served as Governor of the Chickasaw people for 40 years 1
General Facts:
Executive Leader(s): Known as mikos, not chiefs, and treated like kings; today's executive leader is known as governor 2
Language: Muskogean linguistic group 2
Political Organization: Decentralized, each village had its own chief 2
Religion: Sun worshipers (anciently) today many are Christian 2
Society: Matrilineal: ancestry traced through the mother's line 2
Traditional Transportation: Canoes, Horse breeders 2
Black native Indian: 1836-2010 3
tribes: 12 3
Also known as: “The Great Unconquered and Unconquerable Chickasaw Nation,” & “Spartans of the Lower Mississippi Valley” 1
Chickasaws removed to Oklahoma on Trail of Tears:
1837 2
Chickasaws side with Confederacy during Civil War:
1860 2
First contact with Europeans, Hernando de Soto:
1540 2
Modern Constitution adopted:
1983 2
Separated from Choctaws and form own government:
1856 2
Sides with British during French and Indian War:
1754 2
Location: Oklahoma 1
Location: Kentucky 1
Location: Tennessee 1
Location: Alabama 1
Location: Mississippi 1

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