Roscoe B Howard

Roscoe B Howard

World War I Service

  • Chattanooga, Tn

[From Reba Howard's writings] "Roscoe was inducted in Chattanooga on May 24, 1918, and on July 21, [1918] he arrived in France.The Allies had begun a major counter-attack on July 18; and, only nineteen days after arriving in France, Roscoe was at the front lines. He soon became a driver [of] an ammunition truck and, much of the time he was at, or near, the thick of the fighting. Just two days before the war ended, a truck 50 yards or so in front of his truck was blown up and he saw another truck blown up the same day.

"Roscoe and Reba never saw each other during the war, but sometimes were not far apart [and] did not know it. Roscoe was on the Argonne Front when Reba arrived in France. [Reba] went to the West of France. Unless a train Roscoe was on passed near where Reba [was] they were never any closer. [Reba and Roscoe] were both in the American Expeditionery Force (A.E.F.)

"Pockets on Army shirts in World War I were quite large. Both Roscoe and Reba carried a diary in their shirt pocket, and each wrote in his frequently."