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Full Name:
Alvin Landon Johnson 1
Full Name:
Alvin Johnson 2
20 Sep 1972 1
about 1972 2
07 Nov 1990 1
about 1990 2
Place: Bonner Springs, KS 2
Place: Kansas City, KS 2

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A Story about Alvin

He was a really great guy...a true friend...with a kind heart. I don't remember him ever being mean or ugly to anyone. Always made me laugh. For year after year, he signed my yearbooks: Al 'da oz' Johnson...& he'd draw the rock n roll fingers. That was Alvin for you...concert tshirt, levis, layered blond hair & OZZY tattooed across his fingers. He fit in to all walks of life...from student council president to smoking patio patron. He was one of those people that just had a shine about him. Someone you never forget.

Wow, I don't know what to say without crying we were so close, spent many nights together or on the phone. I miss him so much. I Love You Alvin! I know he already knows this...

Here's what I wrote earlier - don't know why it didn't take... Alvin was a great guy - sitting here after just waking up only a couple of memories come to mind - his OZZY knuckles :) The girl who spoke during his funeral about his "Bart Simpson" hairstyle. I always remember Alvin with a smile.

I miss him so much! I don't have one childhood memory without Gina and Alvin in it. We were more than just cousins...we were the three amigos! Love you Alvin!!

The nicest person you would have ever met. I love you Alvin!!!

Hmm, well, Alvin, his heart was huge, loved everyone. He had tons of patience. I was very fortunate to have him as my brother.

I can't settle on one story. They are all too amazing. I miss you bro. It's been dark down here since you've been gone.

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