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Ralph Montecalvo

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Ralph Montecalvo, World War I Veteran

  • U. S. Army Veterans Hospital, Riviera Beach, Florida

_A World War I Veteran, that was wounded serving our Country as a soldier in the American Armed Expeditionary Forces in France, lived to be 105 year old. He was honored at the age of 101 as the recipient of the Purple Heart and the United States Gold Medal of Honor from the United States for his valor in that war. He also received the distinguished French Medal of Honor presented to him at the age of 102 by the United States Ambassador of France, for also defending their country during that war._

_Ralph  spent his last 5 years at the Veterans Administration’s Nursing Home in West Palm Beach, Fl. and had many honors and much exposure with the media until his death. He is included in the book titled “Centenarians” by Bernard Edelman, which is the story of the 20th Century by the Americans Who Lived It. He was quite a man and enjoyed life to the fullest, always looking to the next year and what he would like to do.  He spoke to his family in the English language so they would be true Americans and he left a legacy for all of them to be proud to live in and be a part of The United States of America. His family and friends are all very proud of Ralph Montecalvo._

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