Genealogy/Family History Project Ideas

Genealogy/Family History Project Ideas


I sadly do not have any journals, personal histories or anything about any of my ancestors. I would give anything if I did. I would love to know something about them, their lives, the kind of person they were, what they liked and didn't like....anything at all. It would be a cherished possession. Many of us perhaps are in this position...yearning to have something that would connect us to our ancestors in a more emotional sense or tie. LEARNING FROM THIS GRIEF, I have vowed that MY descendents will not have cause to feel this way about me. I have pondered and pondered about how and what I can do to make sure that I am not forgotten or unknown to my family in the decades to come. I would like to share with you a LIST OF IDEAS for some fun projects that could be done and LEFT FOR OUR FAMILIES. I can't do anything about not having histories of my ancestors...But I CAN do something today about making sure my posterity knows something about ME. We can all leave a legacy..."a gift of ourself" our family!

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Write Your Personal History

    We all have a life and we are all living it.  Some of us have more interesting lives than others, it is true,  but we each still have our very own story to tell...our very personally unique story.

    If you strive to look at this project as something fun and at the same time very valuable, you will get through it and the end result will amaze you and I promise you that you will FEEL VERY GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF for having accomplished it. And you will have left behind a legacy of you, for your family.

    Your personal history can be recorded in a nice bound notebook or in a 3-ring binder.  You can type it into your computer word processor and print it out.  Whatever method you use, please do put your work onto acid free paper and into acid free sheet protectors.  We want our work to be archival safe to last through the ages.

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