Proviso High School 1958 Yearbook

Proviso High School 1958 Yearbook


This is an alphabetical listing of year 1958 graduates from the Proviso Township High School, located in Maywood, Cook County, Illinois. We were the last graduating class to hold the school name of Proviso Township. After that the school was known as Proviso East. Our graduation day was June 13, 1958


    Carol Adams

    James Adams

    John Ady

    Adrianne Ahlenstorf

    Sam Aiuppa

    David Alberti

    Robert Albrecht

    Deanna Allen

    Judith Allen

    Jacqueline Aman

    Elena Andriacchi

    Lynn Andriette

    Lawrence Anthony

    Josephine Ardente

    Larry Argento

    Darlene Ariola

    Jo Ann Askevold

    Ann Austin

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