World War II


orld War II began on September 1, 1939, when Adolf Hitler invaded Poland. The United States tried to remain neutral until a crushing blow at Pearl Harbor sent America overseas in all directions to fight against fascist regimes. The war cost millions of lives, resulted in the use of atomic bombs, mortified the world with the Holocaust, and proved democracy could triumph over the totalitarian state.

Other: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
7 Dec 1941
Other: Japan surrenders
14 Aug 1945
Other: Wannsee Conference implements the Final Solution
Jan 1942
Other: Battle of Britain
10 Jul 1940 - 31 Oct 1940
Other: France surrenders to Nazi army
22 Jun 1940
Other: Soviet troops liberate Auschwitz
27 Jan 1945
Other: Formal Japanese surrender, V-J day
2 Sep 1945
Other: Battle of Iwo Jima
February 19, 1945--March 26, 1945
Other: U.S. forces invade Okinawa
1 Apr 1945
Other: Hitler commits suicide
30 Apr 1945
Other: First day of the Nuremberg Trials
20 Nov 1945
Other: Munich Conference
29 Sep 1938
Other: Hitler declares himself Fuhrer
2 Aug 1934
Other: Kristallnacht (“Night of Broken Glass”)
9 Nov 1938
Other: Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
23 Aug 1939
Other: Nazi Army invades Poland
1 Sep 1939
American Losses: Other Deaths in Service
American Losses: Battle Deaths
American Losses: Non-mortal Woundings
American Losses: Total Servicemembers (Worldwide)
American Losses: Total Casualties
Manila, Philippines
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Moscow, Russia
London, England
Hiroshima, Japan
Nagasaki, Japan
Other: V-E Day
8 May 1945
Other: U.S. Enters the War
8 Dec 1941
Normandy, France
Other: Battle of Midway
June 4, 1942--June 7, 1942
Other: Battle of the Bulge
December 16, 1944--January 25, 1945
Other: D-Day Invasion of France
6 Jun 1944
Other: Battle of Leyte Gulf
October 23, 1944--October 26, 1944
Other: Battle of Stalingrad
July 17, 1942--February 2, 1943

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Okinawa, Japan

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Berlin, Germany

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U.S. General, Europe
General Dwight D. Eisenhower
Adolf Hitler
U.S. General, Pacific
General Douglas MacArthur
Great Britain, Prime Minister
Winston Churchill
Benito Mussolini
U.S. President
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Soviet Union
Joseph Stalin

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