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    Joseph Spisak Jr.


    st Canadian Parachute Battalion Head Quarters Company - Vickers Platoon. Landed in France on D-Day June 6,1944 very early to complete their mission to blow up bridges and form a defense at Le Mesnil midway between Varaville and Caan. Memorial Day also reflects heroes from the Canadian, British and the list goes on military. My father was in 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Head Quarters Company - Vickers Platoon and landed before 1:00 AM D-Day, June 06,1944. He was in combat 27 days before being wounded at Le Mesnil. No one truly knows what he went through in his battle and the same goes for all of the other military soldiers. He took the disturbing war experiences with him to his grave. There were a few hints he gave us kids that what the Germans did to us versus what we did to the Germans did not by any means make us any better then them. I hope times like Memorial Day, D-Day, Remembrance Day and so on give us the opportunity to educate our children to avoid the same mistakes being made leading up to war. All of our heroes will not be forgotten. This was to assist troops landing by sea at Normandy.

    Military Service
    1 Canadian Parachute Battalion Head Quarters Company - Vickers Platoon - Landed in France D-Day June 6,1944 - wounded in Le Mesnil July 2,1944 - He had to have been operated at Le Mesnil but can't find anything on what happened after he was shot.
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    Discharge - 5 Dec 1944

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    No. 2 District Depot Toronto, Ontario
    Pvt. B-26946
    Enlistment - 19 Feb 1943
    Joseph Spisak (Jr.) Fort Benning Georgia
    Place No.2 District Depot, R.C.E. Tfd. 1st C. Para. Bn. the Canadian Army (Active) of Hamilton Ontario on the 27th day of October 1942.
    Pvt. B-26946

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    Got his paratroop wings and boots at Fort Benning Georgia for 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

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    Joseph Spisak Jr.

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