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Fire Base Gibraltor

Fire Base Gibraltor


ften we think about the people that we served with, and wonder if they made it home, and if so how they are doing. I met a lot of great people between training statside and while in Viet Nam. One of my first assignments, around Jan. 1972, as a Black Hat, was on Fire Base Gibraltor, just outside of Bien Hoa. I was assigned to the 229th assault helicopter battalion, my call sign Daytonatangerine. A not very well thought out one as I was a young man from New Hampshire. I got it because I needed a call name as a helicopter was landing, and it was the best I could do short notice. Some of us used a variation of our initials, Mine being DT so I came up with daytonatangerine. While on Gibraltor I met a number of people that I have thought about over the years. Two that come to mind the most are a huey pilot from Texas and I have no recollection of his name, nick name maybe DJ, but I do remember him playing with our pet monkey in our makeshift tower. The other was my fellow Black Hat, I think from Michigan, Aaron Ostrander. So many more that it would be nice to talk to. We are a very large fellowship. Dean Tappan

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