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Note To Fallen Soldier, Tyrone Melvin Wright

Note To Fallen Soldier, Tyrone Melvin Wright


ro, a lot has changed since you left this world. But the one thing that I will carry to the grave is being a child and how your played with us on Locust street in West Philly. I still remember the day you left. I still remember seeing the uncertainty in your face but you still stood strong. To this day, I remember your family seeing you off. I was just visiting my relatives that day. I was also on that block when the news came that Martin Luther King was killed. I remember the screams, the cries, the curse words and anger coming from the houses. I remember and it still pains me. It pains me to see how your family grew apart after your death. I ran into your oldest brother many years ago and damn he's the splitting image of you. I remember your Dad, your Mom and your (excuse me) hot sisters. The loss of you was tragic, very tragic. I know that it was a different time back then but I've never liked wars. The hardest thing in the world is to have peace. The biggest hypocrisy in this world is that white man can and still treats you like a second class citizen, starts trouble with another country and then wants to defend it's honor. Well my friend, you and your comrades fighting made those who sent you over there richer. History is again repeating itself with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with the same outcome. The people who sent this crop of young people are getting fatter and richer. I strongly support the troops but not the wars. My friend thank you for taking the time to teach a big head kid to play basketball, deadblock and the rules of life and the streets. Everything that you said was right on point. Now you will get your propers. I went to the wall in Washington after it was completed just to make sure your name was displayed properly. The wall has just went on the internet so now many of your relatives young and old can see your name and will always remember you like I have. Still to this day, I strongly believe that no black man or any other person of color should fight in a war started by corrupt, money hungry politicans in Washington. Again, they get richer and we get dead......

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