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Capt. Caspar Steover's 3rd Company Muster Roll

Uploaded 08 Aug 2013 - -1 total views

Warrantee Map of Bethel Twp., [now] Berks Co. [then Lancaster], PA

Uploaded 28 Feb 2011 - -1 total views

1885 Iowa Census, Raglan Twp., Harrison Co., Dwelling 38, Family 40

Uploaded 17 Jan 2011 - -1 total views

Maria Sara (Dreher) Koch, widow of John Koch of Allen Twp., Northampton Co., 1794

Uploaded 07 May 2010 - -1 total views

Catharine (Koch) Wolf Headstone

Uploaded 07 May 2010 - -1 total views

Edmund Baxter's Co..JPG

Uploaded 01 Dec 2009 - -1 total views

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