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New York 90th Infantry, Company I (Union)

  • Number Of Soldiers:257
  • Most Common Residence:
    • Medina, Orleans County, New York01 Jan 1864(28 soldiers)
  • Died In Unit:21(8%)
  • Died In War:41(16%)
  • Wounded:3(1%)
  • First Enlistment Date:01 Jan 1861(18 soldiers)
  • Most Common Enlistment Date:12 Sep 1864(54 soldiers)
  • Most Common Enlistment Place:Ontario County, New York(258 soldiers)
  • Muster In Date:01 Nov 1861
  • Muster In Date:09 Feb 1866
  • Most Common Muster Out Date:03 Jun 1865(43 soldiers)

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