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George Washington Correspondence


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George Washington Correspondence
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The National Archives logo The National Archives
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February 6, 2007
NARA M570. Copies of letters sent by President Washington to secretaries of state John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, and others.

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Most of George Washington’s papers are archived in the Library of Congress. However, included in this publication are three volumes of Washington’s personal copybooks (20, 21, 22), which were transferred to the National Archives. They cover the years 1789-96, and include correspondence principally to and from the Secretaries of State:

  • John Jay, March 4-22, 1790 (acting Secretary of State)
  • Thomas Jefferson, March 22, 1790-December 31, 1793
  • Edmund Randolph, January 2, 1794-August 20, 1795
  • Timothy Pickering, August 20-December 9, 1795 (acting Secretary of State); December 10, 1795-May 12, 1800

A short descriptive pamphlet for this title, published by NARA, can be found here.

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This title includes hundreds of interesting letters between Washington and his Secretaries of State.

Events that preoccupied George Washington during his years as president are brought to life through topics ranging from matters as simple as trip itineraries to more complex issues such as the conduct of the US in wars of other nations.

Some examples include Thomas Jefferson's opinion of the constitutionality of the Residence Act in 1790 (images 1 & 2), and Edmund Randolph's pleasure with the "neatness & simplicity" of the new US silver coin (image 3).

Using the collection

Copies of each item of correspondence are entered in chronological order within each volume.

  • Volume 20 covers the period May 14, 1789-March 19, 1791;
  • Volume 21 covers March 27, 1791-March 18, 1794; and
  • Volume 22 is for the period March 19, 1794-October 11, 1796.

Only Volume 20 includes an index, written on pages ii-xxi, with one page covering each letter of the alphabet for which there is a corresponding entry. The index for Volume 20 begins here.

Use the browse menu to roam through each volume chronologically. Many names and terms are annotated. Add your own annotations, or create spotlights, to help others locate interesting historical materials within this title.

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Copybooks of George Washington's Correspondence with Secretaries of State, 1789-1796. General Records of the Department of State, Record Group 59, Publication Number M570; National Archives, Washington.

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