Biographies of Fallen British Officers

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At the beginning of WWI, British officials kept a biography of each officer casualty from the British Expeditionary Force. As the war progressed, the sheer enormity of the project became too overwhelming and the series was never completed.

This collection includes casualties that occurred 1914-1915. The collection is organized alphabetically and includes biographical information such as:

  • Name

  • Rank

  • Military unit

  • Birthdate

  • Birth place

  • Education

  • Parents; and occasionally siblings and grandparents

  • Name of spouse

  • Names of dependent children

  • Photograph

  • Previous military service

  • Death location

  • Circumstances accompanying death

  • Military awards and honors

In some instances, the military career of family members is included. Some biographies mention hobbies, interests and personality traits of the soldier.