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In April 1770, Captain James Cook landed in Botany Bay in New South Wales, Australia, and claimed the eastern seaboard for Great Britain. Within a decade, the United States declared its independence, and Great Britain found itself in need of new penal colonies. New South Wales was chosen, and the first group of convicts arrived in 1788. Free settlers soon followed, establishing colonies near the coast or braving the less-hospitable interior. Over the course of time, Great Britain gained control of the entire Australian continent, dividing it into six states and two territories: New South Wales, the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory. On January 1, 1901, Australia became an independent nation, though it remains part of the larger British Commonwealth to this day. These close ties to Great Britain have led Australia to be involved in numerous global conflicts, documented in the Australian Military Books.

When World War I broke out in Europe in 1914, Australian troops joined the effort. Young, able-bodied men from Queensland, Tasmania, and more enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force and set sail for Egypt in the fall of 1914. There, many of the Australian troops joined New Zealanders to form the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (Anzacs). The Allies faced an early defeat in the Dardanelles and then on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Following these defeats, many of the troops were relocated to France, where they endured the unsanitary conditions and slow progression of trench warfare. When the Germans launched the Hundred Day Offensive, Allied forces held them off in Hamel, Amiens, and elsewhere. WWI ended on November 11, 1918, when Germany signed the armistice. The Fighting Sons of the Empire are remembered in the All-Australia Memorial, the Anzac Memorial, and the Roll of Honour, Where the Australians Rest, and the Book of Remembrance. Stories and photographs documenting their experiences can be found in the Australian War Photographs, the History of the 10th Battalion AIF, the Story of a Battalion, With the Fortieth, and many more.

Two decades later, Australia entered World War II, after German forces invaded Poland. Troops from Victoria, Tasmania, and more joined the war effort as pilots in the Royal Australian Air Force, engineers in the Royal Corps, volunteers in the Defence Corps, and much more. The initial wave of soldiers headed for Europe to join the Allies against Germany and Italy. When Japan sided with the Axis Powers in December 1941, many of the Australian troops returned home to fight in the Pacific. They helped secure victories in the Coral Sea and at Midway and protected Papua New Guinea from invading Japanese soldiers. Germany surrender on May 7, 1945, and Japan surrendered on September 2. Over 575,000 Australians served in WWII, and their stories and photographs can be found in Jungle Warfare, Khaki and Green, Soldiering On, These Eagles, WWII Pictures, and more.

In addition to the World Wars, Australian forces have participated in the Transvaal War in South Africa and served as volunteers in the Defence Force, among other conflicts.

This archive contains a collection of digitized books that detail Australian Involvement in a variety of conflicts; primarily WWI and WWII with records from a few select additional conflicts.


All-Australia Memorial Victoria

Anzac Book

Anzac Memorial

Aussie: The Australian Soldiers’ Magazine

Australia’s Fighting Sons of the Empire

Australian War Photographs: A Pictorial Record from November 1917 to the End of the War

Bank of New South Wales Roll of Honour

Book of Remembrance of the University of Sydney in The Great War 1914-1918

From the Australian Front

History of the 10th Battalion AIF

Queenslanders Who Fought in the Great War

Roving Editors

Tasmania’s War Record 1914-1918

The Education Department’s Record of War Service

The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918

The Story of a Battalion

Uncensored Dardanelles

Under Furred Hats

War Services of Old Melburnians

Where the Australians Rest

With the Fortieth


Active Service with Australia in the Middle East

As You Were 1946-1950

Australian Soldiers’ Pocket Book

HMAS, Volumes 1-4

Jungle Warfare

Khaki and Green

On Guard with the Volunteer Defence Corps



RAAF Victory Roll

Rank & Badges in Australia & American Navy, Army & RAAF

Second World War in Pictures


Soldiering On

Stand Easy

Tasmania’s War Effort

Telephone Director 1942 – Military Personnel

The Corps of Royal Australian Engineers in WWII

These Eagles

Victorian Military Forces: Index to General Orders (1895)

Additional Conflicts:

Australian Contingent: A History of the Patriotic Movement in New South Wales

Tasmanians in the Transvaal War

Official Records of the Australian Military Contingent to the War in South Africa

Quarterly List of Officers of the Queensland Defence Force