Naval Enlistment Weekly Returns, 1855-1891 record example

Naval Enlistment Weekly Returns, 1855-1891

Records: 257,211 · Complete: 99%

A naval rendezvous is the port or vessel where men enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Reports, made weekly to the Navy Department, include the name of each recruit, with enlistment date, length and type of service, rating, age, where born, physical description, and sometimes notes. There are also columns listing men who ran from security and others who were rejected, most often because of age.

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"Weekly Returns of Enlistments at Naval Rendezvous ("Enlistment Rendezvous") Jan. 6, 1855-Aug. 8, 1891" database with images Fold3 ( accessed September 24, 2021)

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Naval Enlistment Weekly Returns, 1855-1891
Total Records
257,211 · Complete: 99%
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NARA M1953. U.S. Navy enlistment records during the Civil War, including 6 years prior and 26 years after the war.