Census - US Federal 1920 record example

Census - US Federal 1920

Records: 6,538,382 · Complete: 6%

The 1920 census records each person whose "place of abode" was with a particular family as of January 1, 1920. Data for each person includes citizenship, education, occupation, and birthplace and native tongue of the person and his or her parents. If foreign-born it details the year of immigration to the U.S., whether they are naturalized and, if so, the year they were naturalized.

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"Fourteenth Census of the United States, 1920" database with images Fold3 (https://www.fold3.com//title/645/census-us-federal-1920: accessed February 28, 2021)

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Census - US Federal 1920
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6,538,382 · Complete: 6%
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NARA T625. Fourteenth Census of the United States, 1920 population schedules.