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WWII Captured German Records

  • Conflict:   World War II
  • Records:   411,850
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WWII Captured German Records

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This series consists of copies of records which were created by the German Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) during World War II, captured by the U.S. military, and compiled and used after the war by the International Tracing Service and later the Departmental Records Branch's Captured Records Section. They include copies of German records: camp records, transport lists, and medical data cards. The camp records include inmate cards, death lists, and strength reports.

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WWII Captured German Records
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The National Archives logo The National Archives
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October 15, 2012
NARA A3355. Lists and Registers of German Concentration Camp Inmates, compiled 1946-1958, documenting the period 1942-1945.


The first images in this title relate to records from the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. They include death lists from 1940 to 1944, and inmate cards. The latter are presented alphabetically as "Records on Prisoners."

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Lists and Registers of German Concentration Camp Inmates, compiled 1946 - 1958, documenting the period 1942 - 1945, ARC Identifier 596972

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WWII Captured German Records


These images were scanned from 189 rolls of microfilm that make up NARA publication A3355, Miscellaneous Lists and Registers of German Concentration Camp Inmates, Originated or Collected by the International Tracing Service (Arolsen). Record Group (RG) 242, National Archives Collection of Foreign Records Seized.