Civil War Service Records (CMSR) - Union - Utah record example

Civil War Service Records (CMSR) - Union - Utah

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The compilation of service records of Union soldiers was begun in 1890 under the direction of Capt. Fred C. Ainsworth, head of the Record and Pension Division of the War Department. Abstracts were made from documents in the custody of the War Department and from muster, pay, and other rolls borrowed from the Second Auditor of the Treasury. The abstracts made from the original records were verified by a separate operation of comparison, and great care was taken to ensure that the abstracts were accurate.

Document types

These records consist of a jacket-envelope for each soldier, labeled with his name, his rank, and the unit in which he served and typically containing (1) card abstracts of entries relating to the soldier as found in original muster rolls, returns, hospital rolls, and descriptive books; and (2) the originals of any papers relating solely to the particular soldier. There are cross-references for soldiers' names that appeared in the records under more than one spelling.

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