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The NARA descriptive pamphlet for Project Blue Book is available here. It contains a few descriptive paragraphs and a list of contents by roll. These records are images from microfilm, within record group number 341, Records of Headquarters US Air Force (Air Staff).

Scope and content

The following is a description of Project Blue Book's scope and content from the National Archives Archival Research Catalog:

This series consists of sanitized case files on sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) of Project Blue Book, the U.S. Air Force investigation into UFOs that were sighted between June 1947 and December 1969.

The files contain the information the Air Force gathered about specific UFO sightings. Each case file relates to one sighting or to a group of closely related sightings. The files contain reports from UFO observers, correspondence between these observers and the Air Force, newspaper and magazine clippings, and reports of analyses of photographs and physical evidence. Some reports were submitted by letter or telegram, but most reports of sightings were submitted on an Air Force questionnaire which contains the name and address of the observer, the date and hour of the sighting, and a description of what the observer saw. Each case file contains a control sheet which summarizes the sighting report and shows the Air Force explanation and conclusions for the sighting.

The Department of the Air Force deleted the following information to protect the privacy of observers of unidentified flying objects and others who furnished information to the Air Force: the names, addresses, and other information which identifies the observers and portions of investigative reports which identify persons who provide information about the observers and which include information of a personal and private nature, chiefly medical and financial data, that was gathered about the observers.

Administrative responsibility for Project Blue Book and its predecessors, Project Sign and Project Grudge, was assigned to the Air Material Command in 1947 and delegated to the Technical Intelligence Division in 1948.

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