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Germany, Military Killed in Action, 1939-1948

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Deutschland, im Kampf gefallene Soldaten, 1939-1948.
This collection contains index cards recording German soldiers who were killed in World War II. On August 26, 1939, the High Command of the German Wehrmacht began operating an information center for war casualties and prisoners of war. It was called the Wehrmachtsauskunftstelle für Kriegsverluste und Kriegsgefangene (WASt). In 1943, part of the agency was moved from Berlin to Saalfeld/Saale and another part to Meiningen.
Beginning in January 1946, the agency was renamed the "Deutsche Dienststelle für die Benachrichtigung der nächsten Angehörigen von Gefallenen der ehemaligen deutschen Wehrmacht" (German Office for the Notification of Next-of-Kin of Members of the Former German Armed Forces who were Killed in Action). The name is commonly shortened as Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt). On January 1, 2019, that service became part of the German Federal Archives as the newly established Department PA (Information on Personal Data related to World Wars I and II) and is based in Berlin-Reinickendorf.

During the war and post-war period, the Deutsche Dienststelle submitted a notification of death for deceased individuals to the pertinent local Civil Registry. Therefore, in many German death registers, the "Informant" listed on a death record is the wartime agency.

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Germany, Military Killed in Action, 1939-1948