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Richard Davidson Company D 21st USCT

Maurice Cummins Company D 21st USCT

Renty Cruel, Company A 21st USCT

Isaac Chowan Company C 21st USCT

Richard Cammill Company E 21st USCT

Edward Campbell Company C 21st USCT

Benjamin Bush, Company D 21st USCT

Scipio Brown Company E 21st USCT

Solomon Brantly Company B 21st USCT

Solomon Brantly Company B 21st USCT

Kit Allen Company C 21st USCT

Thomas Baker Company B 21st USCT

Richard E Dereef

John Blake Company C 21st USCT

March Blake, Company B 21 USCT

James Blake, USCT, Substitute for Henry C. Vail

Thomas Binyard USCT Born in Port Royal SC

Dennis Bell USCT

Loyd Beckett USCT

Shadrac Bates USCT

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