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Queen Elizabeth meets with US Airmen of the 379th Bomb Group, 6 July 1944

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  1. archie_melancon336

    archie_melancon336 (15 Jun 2009)

    At this time Queen Elizabeth was a little girl. That's Queen Mary, her mother.
  2. peter

    peter (16 Jun 2009)

    This is the Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Consort of King George VI. Queen Elizabeth II was her daughter. Queen Mary was her mother-in-law.
  3. rkbt1978

    rkbt1978 (28 Nov 2010)

    I found this searching the web. The pilot on the far right is my father, Lt. Joseph T. Beattie of the 379th bomb group. Also present that day were King George VI and Lt. Gen Jimmy Doolittle. This picture was taken in front of the B17 "Four of a Kind"
  4. enjoi_riding_boards202

    enjoi_riding_boards202 (09 Jan 2011)

    I have some original press photos from that meet and greet with "four of a Kind in the background. Doolittle was there and I also think Queen Elizabeth II was there with her mother.
  5. enjoi_riding_boards202

    enjoi_riding_boards202 (10 Jan 2011)

    Actually I just looked at my press photos again and I have one of your father and The queen both laughing. rkbt1978 let me know if you want me to e-mail you the pictures I have.
  6. rkbt1978

    rkbt1978 (22 Mar 2011)

    that would be great if you could do that. e mail is
  7. klazzylazzy679

    klazzylazzy679 (08 Nov 2011)

    Hi I was hoping that someone had information or photographs of Hugh McKeegan from 379th BG. I think I read an article somewhere, that he was there that day too!! I would very much appreciate some info or pics ..thanks Katie
  8. _Geoff

    _Geoff (08 Nov 2011)

    Why doesn't someone make a memorial page for the bomber group or the plane and link all the pictures there?
  9. cjhall4862

    cjhall4862 (25 May 2012)

    To Archie Melancon, your comment is totally inaccurate. The above photo I see is Queen Elizabeth, mother to the current Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Mary was the grandmother of the current queen and Mary was mother to Elizabeth 11's father.
  10. cjhall4862

    cjhall4862 (25 May 2012)

    Queen Elizabeth II, was old enough to be in service she drove military vechicles and she repaired them.
  11. lindaashe4662

    lindaashe4662 (30 Jun 2013)

    My father met the Royal family in front of the "Four of a Kind" B-17 in England in 1944. In fact a copy of a photo of dad speaking to the King was hanging at Tony Seaman's in Morehead City, NC for years.
  12. sparkle_eyes251021

    sparkle_eyes251021 (05 Apr 2014)

    i injoy researches cause ifind here on fold 3 things you dont find on any other place its vert derict to what you looking for thanks fold 3

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