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Evidence from the Haywood Trial on display at the Boise Historical Museum.

Incorrectly labeled as " to trigger the bomb mechanism that killed Gov. Steunenberg." The pieces were most likely non-active bomb parts. The bomb that killed Frank was triggered by sulfuric acid spilling from a vial on to the blasting caps.

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  1. Time_Traveler

    Time_Traveler (03 May 2009)

    A picture of the bomb, as reconstructed by Harry Orchard for the Haywood trial, appears in DEBATERS AND DYNAMITERS: The Story of the Haywood Trial by David Grover.
  2. Time_Traveler

    Time_Traveler (03 May 2009)

    The label is incorrect is stating that the damaged revolver parts were the "trigger." They may have been a non-active part of the bomb but the stopper pulled from a vial of sulfuric acid, spilling it on the blasting caps was the triggering device.
  3. Time_Traveler

    Time_Traveler (03 May 2009)

    Justice Byron Johnson noticed the labeling of the trial evidence indicating gun parts as the trigger. A vial of sulfuric acid with a string attached to a stopper at one end and the gov's gate at the other was the trigger, not these gun parts.
  4. Time_Traveler

    Time_Traveler (03 May 2009)

    Orchard described & reconstructed a mock bomb for the trial. Originally intended as a time bomb, he used clocks & gun parts. Later he decided to use a vial of acid with a stopper attached by string to the Gov's gate. Open the gate and.......
  5. Time_Traveler

    Time_Traveler (03 May 2009)

    For more information on all the events related to the assassination of Governor Steunenberg, the Haywood trial and Harry Orchard, go to:
  6. Time_Traveler

    Time_Traveler (04 May 2009)

    The Idaho Historical Museum has informed me that this display card has now been updated. See:

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