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No worries

Every time I went to the Wall I would sit on the grass for hours, just looking at his name. I was afraid to leave. I was afraid that nobody would come to visit him again. Now I don't have to worry anymore. Please take a moment and visit with his name

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  1. April_Dayns

    April_Dayns (26 Apr 2008)

    Thank you for sharing the name of this fallen hero with all of us. We look up at the stars at night, we see our small part of the Universe. Someday we will all join hands, explore it together. Not fotgotten, not alone.
  2. dianegriffin

    dianegriffin (17 Sep 2011)

    Sept. 2011 As I grow older, there are more and more young men and women added to the ever-encompasing words LEST WE FORGET. If not for Michael and other heros who died or returned physically and mentally destroyed, we would not be FREE.
  3. cjbh0me333

    cjbh0me333 (02 Mar 2012)

    March 2, 2012 I still feel the pain at news time in the evening sitting with my mom and dad and watching the death totals during the Viet Nam war. My two brothers were in Germ and Korea at the time. Both came home. Some friends did not. My THANKS.
  4. connieisrael433

    connieisrael433 (13 Mar 2012)

    Thank you Michael for giving your life so the rest of us could continue to be free. God bless you and your family.
  5. maoren7678

    maoren7678 (24 Jun 2012)

    You have found a way for people to visit any time. What a wonderful gift you have given Micheal. I thank you for sharing. I am so sorry for all the pain you have suffered. The Wall was a long time coming.

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