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The Heart of a Tiger - Vietnam

Sergeant M L Larkins presents the heart of a tiger he killed to his commander, W C Drumwright.

Comments (6)

  1. mpasanen

    mpasanen (31 Mar 2008)

    How sad to think that these beautiful creatures were also "casualties of war."
  2. JYannuzzi

    JYannuzzi (05 Apr 2008)

    This is indeed a sad photo. Tigers are magnificent animals and should be spared or at least an attempt should be made to avoid killing them. If we learned one lesson from is that life is so very precious.
  3. azdarlene

    azdarlene (21 May 2008)

    I don't think these animals are like little pussy cats!!!! They can kill a man and I think our Marines will help us more in a time of WAR than an animal.
  4. timberwolf

    timberwolf (15 Sep 2008)

    my brother in nam went to sleep with another soldier asleep arm to arm beside him,when he woke after hearing a thud,realized his buddys head gone,tigers paw marks where above the fox hole they were in. he did 2 tours still gets upset to talk about it
  5. Whistler

    Whistler (31 Oct 2008)

    I think, of course, that in self-defense there's nothing wrong with killing an animal, but I agree that we should not just kill them because they COULD attack.
  6. rosalinda2008

    rosalinda2008 (16 Mar 2009)

    Why for goodness sake?

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