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Reason for arrest: Being a Jew

Found on an inmate card from Buchenwald concentration camp.

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  1. JerzyUlickiRek

    JerzyUlickiRek (30 May 2010)

    His "inmate card' from a camp in Buchenwald tells us that this unfortunate man was arrested for being a Jew... Very interesting. Not less interesting is the fact that this "inmate card' in printed in two languages:German and English. What I find very interesting myself is the fact that the German official who was filling the details of the prisoner did this not in his own language but in English : "tailor" ,"April 8 1944' ," being a Jew" ( !!!)
  2. radtkeje256

    radtkeje256 (23 Jun 2010)

    The term Military government of Germany refers to the Allied occupation forces and not the Nazi regime. This card was probably filed out by American soldier interviewing a former prisoner for documentation. That's reason for English on the card.
  3. radtkeje256

    radtkeje256 (23 Jun 2010)

    Another point to notice is that the date format is American style( month, day ,year format) in contrast to the European style (day, month, year) and also the German cards never wrote out the month as in "Dec.","November,"etc. They used "12" ,"11"etc

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