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The US Government not alone in covering up UFOs

I found this in the Project Bluebook files. There is an account of the Mexican Army capturing a saucer, though the Army denies it. Further in the document is an interesting account of some university students. I love this record collection.

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  1. UFOalien

    UFOalien (13 Jul 2007)

    UFO documents? According to new scientific forensic linguistic tests, it looks like the US Government also actually falsified some of the UFO documents like the Majestic Documnets
  2. Ray52

    Ray52 (24 Aug 2007)

    The tall "Nordic" aliens described here sound ridiculous, but show up frequently in UFO contact reports. One of the most famous descriptions can be found in the abduction of Travis Walton in the 1976.
  3. sharonbauman

    sharonbauman (21 May 2008)

    since I always try to take things like this with an open mind, I'll say its very confusing. How did they get humans up to Jupitor, and why did they only have Nordic appearances. This is a very populated world. Why not other appearances, ie: mexican

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