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Vermont 13th Volunteer Infantry (Union)

10 Oct 1862

Vermont 13th Volunteer Infantry organized.

01 Jul 1863

Assigned to the Regiment led by Lieutenant Colonel William D. Munson.

Lieutenant Colonel William D. Munson

01 Jul 1863

Assigned to the Brigade led by Brigadier General George J. Stannard.

Brigadier General George J. Stannard

01 Jul 1863

Participated in the Battle of Gettysburg at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The Battle of Gettysburg
The Battle of Gettysburg

In the summer of 1863, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee launched his second invasion of the Northern states. Lee sought to capitalize on recent Confederate victories and defeat the Union army on Northern soil, which he hoped would force the Lincoln administration to negotiate for peace. Lee also sought to take the war out of the ravaged Virginia farmland and gather supplies for his Army of Northern Virginia. Using the Shenandoah Valley as cover for his army, Lee was pursued first by Union Maj. Gen. Joseph Ho… Read More

21 Jul 1863

Vermont 13th Volunteer Infantry mustered out.