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Missouri Mitchell's Infantry (Confederate)

07 Dec 1862

Participated in the Battle of Prairie Grove at Washington County, Arkansas.

The Battle of Prairie Grove
The Battle of Prairie Grove

Nine months after their victory at Pea Ridge, the Union Army of the Frontier in the area was geographically divided. One division under Brig. Gen. James Blunt remained in the northwestern part of Arkansas, and the second under Brig. Gen. Francis Herron was stationed around the Missouri capital of Springfield. The Confederates, hoping to use Arkansas as a base for operations into the border state of Missouri, looked to defeat the Union armies in the area. Maj. Gen. Thomas C. Hindman gathered a Confederate f… Read More

Missouri, United States of America

Field Officers

Brigadier General Daniel M. Frost

Brigadier General Mosby M. Parsons

Lieutenant Colonel Charles S. Mitchell