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    WWI New York Army Cards

    Records: 518,852Complete: 98%

    These records are abstracts of the service of officers and enlisted men in units of the New York National Guard who were mustered into the regular U.S. Army during World War I. The records provide the following data: name; U.S. Army serial number; date and place of commission or enlistment in state service; date of appearance for duty; dates of muster into service; date and rank at time of leaving service; and reason for leaving service.

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    "New York, Abstracts of World War I Military Service, 1917-1919" database with images Fold3 (https://www.fold3.com/publication/929/wwi-new-york-army-cards: accessed December 8, 2022)

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    WWI New York Army Cards
    Total Records
    518,852Complete: 98%
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    Records of National Guard Service men serving in World War I from New York.