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Just a brief note to all you fine searchers of the truth (what am I/who am I/what am I made of) to announce my entry into the foray and that I am joining you in the never-ending quest for ancestry ties /quirks / misnomers created by our respective and historical families. It is my deepest desire to respect the ones gone on before us and to trace out, inasmuch as possible, the pitfalls, the trials, the strengths and weaknesses and try to imagine just what they have experienced along their life's journeys...to try to discover where they have lived and what obstacles they may have encountered as they walked the trail of life given them by time and circumstance...moreover, I hope to find my family and discover ties to those now living, those who would join me in the quest for the broad truths we've missed out on by configuring our lives within the narrow confines of our own selfish existence...with no thoughts about the hardships endured by those gone on to our Maker and what they did to overcome them; and, to preserve for their progeny a future treasure house of lore and legends and instill a sense of self-reliance within our breasts, to bolster us against the tomorrows we will be facing....bringing to our tables the things we need.... love of family, certainly...but also a love of country and all our fellows who are in this wonderful stew we are composing together. Hope that bag of wind didn't scare you off and that it may be viewed with favor....... if you know those folks mentioned afore the wind was released upon you and you've a mind to share, keep verusl@centurytel.net in your thoughts as you peck out your nightly messages all across cyberspace-dom. Good day. VerusLangham

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  • Spotlight added: Abe Lincoln's Poem to the World

    Found in: American Milestone Documents » Page 1

    Added: 02 Nov 2007

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  • I sometimes wonder why we expect the only people on our globe to have been thrown into such a living hell (twice) to accept his half-hearted apology and yet when they try to apologize for their past...the world says no...we need so much more from you

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  • The perfect complement to The Gettysburg Address - both are so powerful, alive with emotion that one cannot escape getting caught up in their insight and their aim..empowerment of a peoples to change their world

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  • WOW! What a marvelous way to view such a fascinating and powerful historic document - you have complimented the author in your presentation and reminded me of that first classroom oral presentation - tongue tied and nervous, its power overcame

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