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My interests are genealogy of course, writing, and advocating for my son and others with Autism.

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  • OH, Tuscarawas
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  • Yes, the Nazis did all this, and it was horrible, what horrible things they did to people, It sickens me for what happened at Auschwitz (spelling?), and it sickens me more, when I hear people make jokes about it or even when ignorant, evil people DENY that it happened. I luckily haven't met anyone who has denied that it happened, but I've seen people on the news, and heard of others who denied ...more

    commented on this page. (13 Feb 2010)

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  • Love this picture! I am a huge fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder, she is my favorite author of all time. She really knows how to bring you back to her time with her stories, make you feel as though you were part of it all. I enjoyed reading her books as a child and still enjoy them to this day. My daughter enjoys the books as well, and if and when I have grandchildren, they will also be ...more

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  • Topic Page added: Wampanoag Tribe

    I welcome any and all stories regarding this New England based Indian Nation. I believe that one of my ancestors married a woman from this tribe, and though she adopted an…

    13 Feb 2010

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