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About Uragami_Masanori

1931 Fukuoka (Japan) - He graduated at Osato Jingo Elementary School of Moji 1936 Fukuoka (Japan) - He graduated at Osato Jingo Junior High School of Moji 1936 Fukuoka (Japan) - He started studying painting with the artist and arts instructor, Hanjiro Sakamoto 1937 Tokyo (Japan) - He acquired an Arts Degree from the Musashino Arts School 1937 to 1941 Tokyo (Japan) - He studied painting with the artist, master and painter, Zenzaburo KOJIMA 1939 Tokyo (Japan) - He graduated at the University of Arts Masalino 1942 Fukuoka / Yahata- (Japan) - He worked at the Nihon Seitetsu Corporations as a Sketch Artist 1944 He devoted his time to the study of the arts in the following countries: Vitnam, India, China, Afhganistan, Pakistan and Syria 1946 Japan - He taught at the Superior School for Women, Moji City Hall 1951 Tokyo (Japan) - He obtained a graduate degree from the Musashino Art High School 1952 to 1954 He reconstituted the fresco of Horyu Temple in Nara, Japan - Pequim ((China) - He studied Archeology and painting for 4 years 1958 Tokyo (Japan) - He studied pottery at the Kyushu Sarayama Onda School along with the British professor Bernard REECH 1959 Paris (France) he studied at the École de Beaux Arts of France and visited Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Belgium, the Netherlands and Greece 1959 Paris (France) - He took up a job as a copyist at the Louvre 1959 Paris (France) - He began his studies of painting under the artistic orientation of Georges CHEYSSIAL and Tsuguharu FUJITA 1966 He became a member of the UNESCO and a member of the International Fine Arts Association Committee 1967 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - He taught at the National School of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro and at the University of Brasilia 1969 Brasília (Brazil) - He took part in the opening of the Clube Cultural Recreativo Nipo-Brasileiro (a Brazilian/Japanese Cultural and Entertainment Club) in Brasilia and was elected a member of the Deliberative Council 1970 He worked as a Cultural Attache for the Brazilian Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Central Asia, India, Pakistan, Iran and Afhganistan 1971 1972 Brasilia (Brazil) - He produced the Brazilian Supreme Court´s mural "Bandeirantes de Ontem e de Hoje" (Pioneers of Yesterday and Today), commissioned by Minister Aliomar Baleeiro 1972 Brasilia (Brazil) - he taught drawing and painting at the Fine Arts School of Brasilia and began teaching in his own studio 1974 San José (Costa Rica) - He was assigned to work at the Brazilian Embassy in Costa Rica as a Cultural Attaché for the Ministry of Culture for Foreign Affairs 1975 San José (Costa Rica) - He gave speeches on the subject of Surrealism at the Fine Arts School of San José 1978 Tel-Aviv (Israel) - He worked as a Cultural Attaché for the Brazilian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and was trasfered to the Brazilian Embassy in Tel-Aviv 1981 France - He produced 70 illustrations for the FODOR JAPON, HONG-KONG THAILANDE E CAMBODGE Travel Guide, Vilo-Paris Publishing House, 1981 and 1982, 500 pages 1988 to 2004 Honolulu (Hawaii) - He became a member of and a professor at the Renaissance Academy of Art 1993 Honolulu (Hawaii) - He wrote and published the memoirs "Wings of Flame: 60 years", along with Ichiro Nishimura. Link:

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  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Member since 21 Mar 2014

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