Pvt William F. Bryant

      BRYANT, W.F.
      b. 1822, Maine

      1st. ORE. CAVALRY, CO. C.
      Enlisted as Pvt.
      Wife, Hester C, b. 1844, d. 1923

      Pvt. Herbert L. Childs

        CHILDS, Herbert L.
        B. 1848 Minnesota
        D. 02 July 1911
        Aged 63 Yrs.
        ~AT REST~

        Residence was not listed; 18 years old.
        Enlisted on 9/1/1864 at Kalamazoo, MI as a Private.
        On 9/1/1864 he mustered into "K" Co. MI 12th Infantry
        He was discharged on 9/9/1865 at Camden, AR
        G.A.R. E.J. Houghton Post # 75,
        Kettle Falls, Adjutant

        Wife: Childs, Lucinda A, d. May 17, 1921, 74y
        Herbert L Childs - 1910 Stevens County, Age 62
        Lucinda Childs - 1910 Stevens County, Age 62

        Corp George Coulter

          Coulter, George Corp.
          Co. H. 2nd. Regiment, Kansas Cavalry, Union

          Residence Wyalusing WI;
          Enlisted on 8/11/1862 as a Private.
          On 8/11/1862 he mustered into "D" Co. WI 33rd Infantry
          He was Mustered Out on 8/9/1865
          Enlisted, January 22, 1862
          Discharged, September 11, 1865
          P.O.W. September 1, 1864, Fort Smith, Arkansas

          In 1859, George went to northeastern Kansas and at the first call for troops he was one of the first to offer his services. On account of having a crippled hand, he was rejected, but at the second call in 1862, he again pressed forward and was taken.

          His principal service was in Missouri, Arkansas, and the Cherokee Nation. was in terribly dangerous positions, but he never received a wound. On September 1, 1864, at Fort Smith, the Choctaw Indians captured Mr. Coulter and he was forced to go on foot, being barefooted, to Tyler, Texas, where he experienced the terrors of a war prison until June 27, 1865. Finally an exchange was effected, when he was taken to New Orleans and later to Leavenworth where he was honorably discharged in September 1865.
          Promotions: Corpl 1/1/1864

          George Coulter was born in the northern part of Ireland, on
          February 13, 1832, the son of Robert and Elizabeth (McVeaty) Coulter.
          Mr. Coulter was a great disciple of Nimrod in younger days and many an elk, deer, bear, mountain lion, and mountain sheep, besides much other game were the trophies of his chase.
          on November 26, 1868 married Miss Emma Roffe, who was born in 1842, in Northamptonshire, England. Mr. Coulter is a member of the G.A.R. and to him and his wife four children
          were born in Illinois.

          Pvt Royal Cranston

            Cranson, Royal Pvt.
            July 10, 1843, Jackson, Illinois

            July 27, 1925, Stevens Co. Wa.
            Co. D. 33rd WI. Infantry
            Enlisted, August 11, 1862
            Mustered In, August 11, 1862
            Mustered Out, August 9, 1863
            33rd Regiment Infantry: Organized at Racine, Wis., and mustered in October 18, 1862.

            Father: Isaiah Cranston
            Mother: Phoebe Hewit
            Spouse: Nancy Ann Pace
            M. 23 MAR 1867, Wyalusing, Grant, Wisconsin
            b. July 11, 1848
            d. March 1, 1875
            Wife, Carrie E,
            b. 1854, d. 1930

            Pvt. John S. Harrison

              Harrison, John S.
              Co. K. 65th. NY. Infantry
              b. 1836 Ohio

              Enlisted, August 3, 1961, Tiffin Ohio, Pvt. 20 years old
              Mustered In, August 3, 1861
              Reenlisted, Feb. 23, 1864
              Discharged, June 23, 1865, Hall's Hill, VA.
              POW, May 18, 1864, Spotsylvania Court House, VA.
              Escaped, March 1, 1865
              Intra Regimental Co. Transfers,
              September 1, 1864, From Co. K. to Co. F.

              Pvt Ferman Pattee

                Residence was not listed;
                Enlisted as a Private (date unknown).
                He also had service in:
                "B" Co. DT 1st Cavalry

                Buried with Ferman:
                Pattee, Clara, no dates
                Pattee, Emma, no dates

                Possible Identification:
                1880 United States Census, Quincy, Adams, Iowa
                Firman PATTEE-Other-S-Male-W-37-NY-Farm Laborer-NY-NY
                Head of Household, Wm. Bixlee

                Corp Timothy Peters

                  Residence Angelo WI;
                  Enlisted on 10/28/1861 as a Corporal.
                  On 10/28/1861 he mustered into "A" Co. WI 3rd Cavalry
                  He was Mustered Out on 1/30/1865

                  Pvt Benjamin F. Shannon

                    Shannon, Benjamin F.,Pvt.
                    Co. D. 68th. Illinois Regiment

                    b. April 4, 1837 Westmoreland Co. PA.,
                    the son of John and Mary Shannon
                    d. June 9, 1919

                    Enlisted in Company D, Sixty-eighth Illinois Infantry,
                    in the spring of 1862. He was under General Sherman for four months and then received his discharge on account of disability. In 1864 Mr. Shannon enlisted in the Kansas Rangers and served two years, suffering, during this time, great hardships. While Lieutenant, he was captured with sixteen others and thrown into the rebel prison pen at
                    Boggy Deep Hole, in the Indian Territory. After seven weeks of this almost unendurable imprisonment, they were enabled to escape with the assistance of a rebel lieutenant, who deserted the ranks of the confederates and came back to fight for the stars and stripes.

                    Enlisted, June 10, 1862, residence, Ramsey, Illinois, Pvt.
                    Mustered In, June 20, 1862
                    Mustered Out, September 26, 1862, Camp Butler, Illinois

                    On December 18, 1864, Mr. Shannon married Miss Sarah E., daughter of Robert and Sarah (Harris) Craig.
                    Benjamin F. Shannon is properly classed as one of the earliest pioneer settlers in western Stevens county.

                      I live a couple of miles from the Camp Ford prison site. It actually cleared out in late May, 1865. See: Vicki Betts University of Texas at Tyler Library