Sgt Orin Belnap, Jr

      Belnap, Jr. Orin Sgt. Major

      23rd. Iowa Infantry
      Residence was not listed;
      Enlisted as a Private (date unknown.
      Also had service: "C" Co. MO 11th SM Cavalry

      Birth: 25 Dec 1839, Lapeer Co., MI
      Death: 23 Dec 1925,
      Father: Orin Belknap, Sr.
      Mother: Anna Draper
      Spouse: Helen Dunbar
      Marriage: 14 Feb 1867 Place: Jackson Co. MN

      Oren Belknap - 1910 Stevens County (Federal) Census Record, Age 70, b. Illinois
      Hellen Belknap, Age 62, b. NY.
      Lyda Belknap, Age, 77, b. Ohio
      Willis A Belknap, Age 41, b. MN.

      Corp Bela D. Churchill

        Churchill Bella D. Corp.
        Co. A. 27th. Iowa Infantry

        B. MAY 17, 1833, Ohio
        D. OCTOBER 23, 1915

        Organized at Dubuque and mustered in October 3, 1862.
        Mustered out August 8, 1865.
        Residence Frankville IA; 29 years old.
        Enlisted on 8/14/1862 as a Private.
        On 9/3/1862 he mustered into "A" Co. IA 27th Infantry
        He was transferred out on 3/15/1865
        On 3/15/1865 he transferred into Veteran Reserve Corps
        He was discharged on 8/14/1865 at St Louis, MO
        8th Corpl 11/25/1862
        3rd Corpl 5/29/1863
        Private 7/25/1864 (Reduced to ranks, at own request)

        Pvt Myron Churchill

          Churchill, Myron Asa, Pvt.

          b. March 22, 1843, Mento, Ohio
          Son of Asa Churchill
          d. November 30, 1920, Kettle Falls, WA.

          "A" Co. IA 27th Infantry "
          Residence Frankville IA; 19 years old.
          Enlisted on 8/13/1862 as a Private.
          On 9/3/1862 he mustered into "A" Co. IA 27th Infantry
          He was Mustered Out on 8/8/1865 at Clinton, IA

          He was married to Miss Ellen Lewis, August 1865.
          After Ellen's death a year later he married, Sarah J. Farnsworth, July 14, 1867.
          He enlisted in the Civil War in Co. A. 27th. Regiment, Iowa Infantry and fought until the close of the war.
          He had been a member of the Masonic Lodge for over 46 years. He was Master of Broken Column Lodge # 331 at Sibley Iowa. He was also Master of Quarry Lodge # 148 at Pipestone, MN. for a number of years. He was the first Master of Kettle Falls Lodge, # 130 in 1903, 1906 and was elected to honorary membership in Kettle Falls Lodge, December 19, 1906. He served as Chaplain of Kettle Falls Lodge in 1910. He came to Kettle Falls, November 4, 1902.

          Capt Joseph Merritt Fish

            Fish, Joseph Merritt, Col.

            Co. F. E. & A. 12th. NY. Cavalry
            Enlisted, Age 22, Feb. 20, 1863 at New York City
            Commisioned, April 28, 1863
            Mustered Out, July 19, 1865, Raleigh, NC.
            Promotions, 1st. Lt. Feb. 10, 1864 (As of Co. E.)
            Captain, October 24, 1864 (As of Co. A.)
            He was listed as:
            Detached 10/15/1863 (place not stated) (Estimated day in command of Howitzer Sec)
            Detached 4/15/1864 (place not stated) (Estimated day in command of Howitzer Sec)
            Returned 10/15/1864 (place not stated) (Estimated day)
            Intra Regimental Company Transfers:
            Feb. 19, 1864, From C. F. to Co. E.
            Oct. 31, 1864, From Co. E. to Co. A.
            He was listed as: Wounded 7/1/1863 Gettysburg, PA

            G.A.R. E. J. Houghton Post # 75,
            Kettle Falls, Quartermaster

            Father: Peter FISH
            Mother: Catherine LOSEE
            Wife: Mary S. WRIGHT, Married: 1 Jan 1866

            Joseph M Fish - 1910 Stevens County (Federal) Census Record, Age 68, b. NY.
            Mary M Fish, Age 62, b. NY.

            Sgt James Lesh

              Lesh, James QM. Sgt.
              Co. K. 12th. PA. Cavalry

              Birth: 19 AUG 1833 Sheridan Twp, Chautauqua, New York
              Death: 12 JAN 1912 Kettle Falls, Stevens, Washington

              Father: Jacob LESH
              Mother: Mary OR Polly ROY
              Spouse: Ellen J Sumner
              Marriage: 21 Jan 1866

              12th Regiment Cavalry (113th Volunteers)
              Organized at Philadelphia December, 1861, to April, 1862.
              Mustered out July 20, 1865.
              Residence was not listed;
              Enlisted on 1/16/1862 as a Private.
              On 1/16/1862 he mustered into "K" Co. PA 12th Cavalry
              He was Mustered Out on 7/20/1865 at Winchester, VA

              William H. Morrison

                Morrison, William H,
                b. July 26, 1833, PA.
                d. February 04, 1904,
                Co. A. 27th. IA Infantry

                Residence Waukon IA; 28 years old.
                Enlisted on 8/14/1862 as a Private.
                On 9/3/1862 he mustered into "A" Co. IA 27th Infantry
                He was Mustered Out on 6/4/1865 at Baton Rouge, LA

                Sgt Almond R. Noyes

                  Noyes, Almon R. 3rd. Sgt.
                  b. July 28, 1827, Auburn, Maine
                  d. 1915

                  Co. C. 2nd. D.C. Infantry
                  Also had service with Co. G. 2nd. D.C. Infantry.
                  Residence was not listed;
                  Enlisted as a Sergeant (date unknown).
                  Co. H. 1st. Maine Infantry, Pvt. Served 3 months, appears to have received a pension. Served four and a half years under General Grant and participated in battles of Antitem, South Mountain and Fort Stevens.
                  G.A.R. E.J. Houghton Post #75, Kettle Falls Quartermaster.

                  Pvt Carl Reimer

                    Reimer, Carl Pvt.
                    Co. F. 169th. NY. Infantry

                    Alternate Name: Carl Rainer
                    Residence was not listed; 20 years old.
                    Enlisted on 9/10/1861 at New York City, NY as a Private.
                    On 9/20/1861 he mustered into NY 32nd Batty
                    He was transferred out (date not stated)
                    Private (Reduced to ranks)
                    Corpl 4/20/1863
                    He also had service in: NY 30th Light Artillery

                    Pvt. David E. Wood

                      Wood, David E.
                      Co. E. 42nd. Wisconsin Infantry
                      Residence Northport WI;
                      Enlisted on 8/24/1864 as a Private.
                      On 8/24/1864 he mustered into "E" Co. WI 42nd Infantry
                      He was Mustered Out on 6/7/1865

                      William A. Safford

                        Safford, William A.
                        Co. A. 9th. NY. Heavy Artillery

                          Bev I would like to discuss Carl Reimer and his association with the 169th with you Bob Farrell [email protected]