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Farmington, Minn. 1

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Edward J Kleinschmidt 1
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Ed 1
08 Jun 2017 1
Farmington, Minn. 1
Male 1
"God is Love" 1
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Christian 1
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White/American 1

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  1. Contributed by Princessbarbi


Edward John Kleinschmidt

Prescott, AZ

Edward and Barbara Kleinschmidt are retired and live in their lovely home in Wilhoit AZ, just South of Prescott AZ as you leave the Central Bradshaw Mountains on the way down to the desert floor and Phoenix, the "Valley of the Sun"


I was born in the same hospital as my wife Barbara by the same doctor almost one year before she was.  I moved to Arizona when I was two years old.  We met at a family reunion in the fall of 1968 and were married on May 02, 1969 in a Lutheran Church in Rosemount, Minnesota.  /  Ed

Ed and Barb have 2 sons, they live "back there" and love their little dog Muffin, who goes everywhere with them.  -B

Edward J Kleinschmidt

Prescott, AZ

I am Barbi Ennis Connolly, I am friends with Barb and Ed and consider them to be extra special folks !  We met when I joined the Staff of a Medical practice where they also worked and through the years we got to know each other better.  We lost touch for a few years, then met up again in a Med. Lab ( Ah ! ...the "getting old' thing ! )  Now in the age of email, we speak often and it is fun to see the amazng things that they GROW, a garden to die-for !  Ed is a professional at his unique and special "Christian" web-site.

Edward J Kleinschmidt is also an Author !  (see his books and pictures in the link below)

The Lord has painted our world with so much beauty we will spend eternity admiring His handiwork.


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