Barbara (Heuer) Kleinschmidt

Barbara (Heuer) Kleinschmidt

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Barbara (Heuer) Kleinschmidt

  • 1947

I, (Barbara), was born on August 24, 1947 in Farmington, Minnesota.  My maiden name was Heuer.  I grew up in a rural farming community and met Ed at a family reunion.  How neat is that?  Neither of us wanted to be there but our parents forced us to attend.  We live in Arizona now, when we worked, we lived in Walker, in the Bradshaw Mountains just South of Prescott (Yep !  There's GOLD in them-thar hills !" )  Now we live in a community South of Prescott at a lower elevation, township named Wilhoit.

Our little dog, "Muffin" loves to run and jump, play ball and generally is full of energy :)

Muffin also likes to play ball and to catch the ball in the air.  She is a people lover and if she were human would find a job where she could greet people all day long.  She has a brown nose and Carmel colored eyes.  Barb Kleinschmidt

(as told to Barbi Ennis Connolly) <a></a>

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