265 Engineers 65th Infanty WWII

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65th Infantry 265th Engineers WWII 1945


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Gen. Patton's Third Army 65th Infantry

Pictures from WWII 1945-1946 

 Pfc  Ben Fox Photograph Collection


General Patton’s Third Army

65th Division, 265th Engineers, Co. B

and 288th Engineers



Part of a letter to the mother of Ben Fox from Captain Edward H. Ellis:


“My men have made history… from 22nd of January, 1945. In France and into Germany and Austria, our route covered 900 miles in 90 days advancing with General Patton’s Third United States Army…. guard on the bridges across the Saar River, Germany for three weeks….demolition work…..clearing roads…cross Inns River while under fire…guard soldiers of war….prepare for he peace to come….

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