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Dominican Torch - St. Anthony's Church, 1945 New Orleans, Louisiana

St. Anthony's Church Newsletter - Home Front News - WWII, New Orleans, Louisiana March - April 1945


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WWII Names Mentioned

Dominican Torch-St. Anthony’s Church

Canal and Olympia Street

New Orleans, Louisiana

March April 1945 – Home Front Flashes Vol. I No. 1


Names mentioned-WWII

Recognizes Son In Death March

Private Jesse M. Gibson, Jr.-airplane mechanic taken prisoner after Pearl Harbor - mothers sees son in Death March photograph

Deceased – Warren J. Durel

Sidney Francis Norris

Gilbert J. Demonsabert, Jr.

James E. Johnson

Capt. Patrick Cyril McFaull

3 Villars boys -  Major Paul E. Villars, Lt. Trudeau J. Villars and Lt. G. Villars

Pharmacist Mate 3d Frederick G. Deiler

William J. Barry

James A. Barry

Lloyd Hammer

Claus J.Jacob, Jr.

Melville F.Basile

Charles F. Lucien

Ira M.Davis

Jerome A. Spinato

Pete Spinato

Angelo Spinato

Joseph C. Tortorich, Jr.

James M. Prevost

John Edmund Prevost

T. J. White

Kit J. Pourciau


Morris A. O’Hern (Mike)

John Gilbert O’Hern

Joseph Casimir O’Hern (Tiny)

Maurice J. Rivet, Jr.

Willoz Molaison

Edward Molaison

Albert Fagot

Leonard Fagot

Robert Fagot

Wilfred Fagot

Carol F. Brandt


Louis Mandella,Jr.

Alexander A. McFaull

Russell Biaggne

Gilbert R.Whithworth, Jr.

Geroge Escoffier

Donald Rodick

Warren G. Rodick

Jack Witsell

Charles Anthony Sartalamachia

John S.Barry

ThomasIgnatius PatrickO’Connor

Melvin L. Saunders

Malcom E. Saunders

Joseph Wall

Margaret Wall

James Wall

Walter F.Weiding, Jr.

Merrith R.Karl

John P. Willilams

Robert David

Leon J.Feugas

Joe Ford

Matt Ford

Alby Prattini

Donald V. Malarcher

A. J. Poursine

Robert E. Coates

Louis Viau, Jr.

Marvin J. Perrett

Joseph A. Broekhoven

Norman Hodgins

Bud Boudousquie

John Frick

Hans Hansen

Rev. E. G. Goss

Allen J. Godat

Milton Raphael

Joseph F. Craven


Ben C. Fox (page 8)

Anthony M. Sciambra

Bernard Riley

John Scordill

Glen Dohre

Armand P. Milliet

J. Sagona








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